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From India’s Largest Transport Directory search transporters, brokers, transport agents, mover & packers easily for ant route or state.


Make Digital Invoice (without GST) / Tax Invoice by selecting unbilled Lorry Receipts / Bilty and maintain Party Ledger from Transit amount (Transport Charges).


Manage Account for Consignor / Consignee & Truck Supplier. Add pending payment reminders & download ledger reports for date range to verify accounts.

Loading Slip

Quickly identify loading vehicle arrive at company premises. Useful for gate entry while sending truck for loading before generating Bilty or Lorry Receipt.

Lorry Receipt

Get transit details such as sender, receiver, truck, material, freight and POD details. As well as user can add freight entry into transport ledger / account.


Sending goods via 3 rd party transporter (such as forwarding booking to next carrier) Build transit pass / memo for parcel booking without revealing freight.


Transporter can generate quotation and confirm fleet quickly. Consignee can ask transporters to submit quotation for given routes to collect rates and confirm trip.

Truck Hiring Note

Helpful to keep track of freight commitment with truck supplier and manage supplier’s account with ease. Share Truck hiring note / Truck note quickly.


Download GST report , LR, Invoice, Loading Slip report for archiving for any date range in both Excel and PDF format.

Create Post

Easily create/view available truck / material post from app. Share very attractive advertise for load / truck availability as well.

Expense Voucher

Transporters can manage personal expenses directly by creating Expense Voucher (Cash Voucher). They can also keep track of advance cash.

Payment receipt For Party

Transporter can easily provide payment receipt when payment received from party (Consignor/Consignee) by adding ledger entry.

Paid Advice

Transporter can easily provide paid payment receipt when payment given to truck supplier/provider by adding ledger entry.


Transporter can provide restricted access to their subuser for LR, Invoice, Loading Slip, Memo , Truck Hiring Note, Ledger etc.

Visiting card

User can generate their personalised visiting card and share it with party / other brokers / transporters.

OnlineLR Mission


To deliver transparent and cost-effective digital solutions and make them universally accessible and useful for the logistic sector services seamlessly.


To become a leading software pioneer and contributor by building simple, efficient, and reliable solutions for the transport industry across the world.

OnlineLR Vision
OnlineLR About Us

About Us

We are a technology company and our goal is to bring the digital revolution to the logistics sector and provide simple, fast, and mobile-friendly solutions to the transport community. OnlineLR is solving a real and fundamental problem of the transporter (broker/commission agent) for sending transport documents (LR/ bilty/ transport invoice, loading slip, etc.) physically using the breakthrough digital platform.

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Happy customers

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Amazing app. Hats off to the people who made this creative application. Offers every feature for creating bilty. Highly recommend for transporters.

Lalleet Mehta

Thanks to application developer and all management team, Very helpful application for creating Consignment Copy Thanks so much again i don’t have words for this app very nice and fantastic, so simple, i think this is the biggest solution for all transporter.

Agarwal Shifting Division

Wonderful app for creating bilty online. Saves my time and money. Thanks OnlineLR for this useful application. Recommended for every transporter.

Ajay Sindha

This app is very nice easy to create LR. Share LR to consignors and consignee.

Ahmed Khan

It’s very nice and helpful app for transport and also very good response from customer service. Easy to operate also and all feature available for transport services.

Ronaksnooka Patel

Very useful app …use karne m isse easy ho hi nhi sakta. LR banane m aapki har jarurat ka dhyan rkha gaya h… Nice app

Yograj Taneja

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